Departure Comfort


Complete DEPARTURE Assistance at the Banjul International Airport
will ensure a stress-free, secure and fast boarding. The journey
becomes a pleasure with the easy, fast-track and hassle-free
experience brought to you by our experienced trained hostesses.

Departure Comfort

Our expert will assist you at the baggage drop-off area and guideyou through security checkpoints to the boarding gate as quickly and smoothly as possible using our Priority/VIP fast track lane.

  • Verification of travel documentation. Welcome at the airport entrance.
  • Baggage trolley assistance.
  • Fast track to Airport Security Fees payment (Security Fees apply).
  • Fast track to Airline Passport Control.
  • Fast track to the check-in/luggage Drop-off.
  • Fast track to Immigration Passport control.
  • Fast track to the Airport Security Check.
  • Fast track to the boarding gate and the airport bus.
  • Escort to the foot of the aircraft.

Departure Comfort

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