Your baggage didn't arrive?

Baggage Claim

Your baggage didn’t arrive? No worries, we take care of all baggage claim procedures and we deliver your baggage to your chosen destinationin the city.

Baggage Claim

Airports are one of the most chaotic places in the world. With so many people coming and going, it can be challenging to get your baggage in a timely manner. However, with our airport baggage claim service, you will never have to worry about this again!

Our airport baggage claim services provide top-notch customer service. We take care of all the baggage claim procedures and deliver your bag to your preferred location within just minutes of landing.

We offer our airport baggage claim services at every major airport in the country. So regardless of where you are headed, we will make sure that you can get there stress-free!

Baggage Claim and Delivery is a service that was created by the company to make the customer feel comfortable.
We know that air travel can be stressful at times, which is why we build our company around the idea of stress-free travel.

Baggage Claim and Delivery was created because we wanted to make sure that customers had an easy time with their baggage claims. When traveling, it’s important for customers to not have any worries about their luggage or what they are going to do with it once they leave the airport. We take care of all baggage claim procedures and deliver your baggage to your preferred location.

Baggage Claim Assistance

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Delivery of the luggage within Greater Banjul Area

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